PLEASE NOTE: The Service Date listed may reflect the date of passing instead if the family has not yet made arrangements for services. Please consult each individual obituary listing to confirm the Service Date.

  Name of Deceased Date of Passing
Mary T. Dominick 11/29/2015
George Whitfield 11/27/2015
Frank Paquin 11/25/2015
Michael Davis 11/23/2015
Mark "Moose" Roberts Jr. 11/21/2015
Keith Edward Burnell 11/19/2015
Dennis Richard Nelson 11/16/2015
Christa V. Ayres 11/14/2015
Daniel Allen Duncan 11/10/2015
Mary Lee Bartol 11/07/2015
Vaughn "Rocky" Haifley 11/07/2015
Donald Vadasy 11/02/2015
Mary Sue Starnes 11/02/2015
John W. Winneroski 10/30/2015

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