PLEASE NOTE: The Service Date listed may reflect the date of passing instead if the family has not yet made arrangements for services. Please consult each individual obituary listing to confirm the Service Date.

  Name of Deceased Date of Passing
Charles Cass 2/20/2017
Jeffery Pepin 2/18/2017
Edward Closs 2/17/2017
Sharon Clausen 2/16/2017
Shirley Ware 2/10/2017
Walter Eagle 2/14/2017
Alice Badgett 2/11/2017
Laurel Eagle 2/7/2017
Patricia Schomin 2/6/2017
Francis Williamson 2/7/2017
Harold Berg 2/6/2017
Patricia Rose 2/6/2017
Wendy Depuydt 2/3/2017
Allan Crandall 2/5/2017
Richard Sandstrom 1/26/2017
Elmer Burkland 1/26/2017
Bessie Miron 1/24/2017
Richard Sandstrom 1/26/2017
James Emerson 3/12/2013
Bessie Miron 1/24/2017
Eugene Palequin 1/23/2017
Charlotte Castle 1/3/2017

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