PLEASE NOTE: The Service Date listed may reflect the date of passing instead if the family has not yet made arrangements for services. Please consult each individual obituary listing to confirm the Service Date.

  Name of Deceased Date of Passing
Larry Kempher 1/14/2017
Philemon Lippens 1/14/2017
Angela Mauhar 1/11/2017
Gerald Gagnon 1/6/2017
Charlotte Castle 1/3/2017
Margaret Caswell 1/3/2017
Michael Khollman 1/2/2017
Fred Coates 1/1/2017
Charles O'Donnell 12/29/2016
Lawrence Lavelle 12/28/2016
Dolores Neurohr 12/28/2016
Sigrid Simonsen 12/28/2016
Neva Ganzel 12/29/2016
Lawrence Lavelle 12/28/2016
Jeanette Monaghan 12/28/2016
William Smith 12/28/2016
Gerald Wils 12/27/2016
Daniel Conner 12/26/2016
William Amann 12/26/2016
Rick Bergeon 12/24/2016
Elizabeth Keldsen 12/25/2016
Beverly and Donald Depuydt 12/22/2016
Lawrence Ambeau 12/21/2016
Robert Davis 12/21/2016
Debrah Micheau 12/10/2016

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