PLEASE NOTE: The Service Date listed may reflect the date of passing instead if the family has not yet made arrangements for services. Please consult each individual obituary listing to confirm the Service Date.

Name Address Service Date
Sheri Quick Bark River, MI October 05, 2015
Marieda "Marie" Charlebois Escanaba, MI October 06, 2015
Elmont Quick Rapid River, MI October 09, 2015
Joseph M. Fleissner Escanaba, MI October 04, 2015
Ronald Lustick Rapid River, MI October 07, 2015
Carol Godfrey Gladstone, MI September 27, 2015
John C. Benson Escanaba, MI September 26, 2015
Francis J. Weingartner Gladstone, MI September 24, 2015
Kelly Jean VanEffen Escanaba, MI September 23, 2015
Justin Lee Williams Escanaba, MI September 25, 2015
Jeffrey L. Delke Gladstone, MI September 26, 2015
Richard Lee John Gladstone, MI September 21, 2015
Larry Alan Sims Escanaba, MI September 18, 2015
Ralph H. Zierk Rapid River, MI September 11, 2015
Naoma M. White Gladstone, MI September 17, 2015
Steve M. Graham Gladstone, MI September 26, 2015
Nila Dawn Kolinske Cooks, MI September 10, 2015
Shirley A. Frappier Gladstone, MI September 14, 2015
Joseph G. Majestic Rapid River, MI September 11, 2015
Jeannette Marie Pepin Mosier Hickcox Escanaba, MI September 14, 2015
Jeannette Marie Hickox Escanaba, MI September 14, 2015
Virginia Lee "Ginny" Mullins Gladstone, MI September 12, 2015
Joseph R. "G.I. Joe" Strozeski Ford River, MI September 10, 2015

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